Red boy and Blue girlForest Temple Maze

Red boy and Blue girlForest Temple Maze is free online game. Are you crazy fans of teamwork style game and fire &'' ice style game? Fall love adventure game and remember childhood ? This game made for you. Red boy (Fireboy) and his lover (blue girlWatergirl) who go with him is puzzle adventure game for two players. It's very addicting game to play with your kids, your lover and your friends. You've got two characters to control this exciting puzzle game. Lead Redboy and bluegirl to their doors each level of forest temple maze and collecting red diamonds and blue diamonds along way. Red boy (Fire boy) must avoid water and blue girl (water girl ) must avoid fire, and be careful, black water kills them both. Using your brain to control objects game such as lever, pusher, mirror, black ball, light beam, elevator, wind machine, pulley system order to open path that leads to doors. Game free and offline. You can play any where , don't need internet